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Because of changing regulations, new technologies and the focus on reducing energy consumption, makes understanding your building needs essential to understanding how your building equipment helps to grow your profits.


Dalmar Energy Solutions specializes in monitoring energy in real time and automatically managing your building systems.   Relationships between staff and building technology are the essential for property owners to reduce and maintain cost which can benefit or hurt profits.   The success of any property owner primarily depends upon sustaining tenant/customer, relationships.  Making sure your building technology is working close to 100% efficient, provides the ultimate comfort that your tenant/customer needs for you to grow your profits. 



Around 2001 the Telecommunications industry used technology to learn the habits of there customers and potential customers.  Their profits increased significantly and they were able to focus on the needs of their customers.

Thanks to technology, commercial buildings have increase their tenant comfort and become more productive in understanding and meeting tenant needs.

Using a whole-building approach that creates relationships between building systems and components, makes it more efficient to the changing needs of  todays buildings, while helping to meet government goals of environmental protection and sustainability.

The whole-building approach will encompass wireless sensors, controls and energy components to monitor when and how much they are needed.  Single control of lighting, ventilation and thermal conditioning will become possible.   User Profiles will be used to create specify personal environmental preferences for tenants.

Buildings will use a uniform approach that allow control devices to talk to each other and communicate with remote building.  Self-diagnose and error correcting  will help to save significantly on maintenance cost.

Dalmar Energy Solution will use an approach to help commercial buildings become more closely integrated with their surrounding environment.   By changing the design from a single stand-alone philosophy to multiple equipment's, working as one. 

We look to make significant positive energy impacts in communities all over the world, by developing an intricate set of systems and processes that match the people in their environments.

the team

Our mission is to help you with the complex issue of controlling your energy consumption and cost, while providing your tenants the comfort that they require.  Automated or Managed control systems helps buildings owners with the day to day challenges that can effect your bottom line.  We guide you through the process of selecting the systems that can help to implement a comprehensive plan for your energy goals

  •             Energy Efficiency

  •             Reduced Costs

  •             Reliability and security

  •             Building maintence improvement

  •             Easy to understand analytics and data



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