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Research shows that customers who have an understanding of how they use energy at the system level of their building make better energy decisions.  Multiple Energy groups (DOE, EPA, NYSERDA) have reported that in commercial buildings, energy spending represents one-third of typical operating budgets and 30% of energy is wasted or inefficiently used.

Research shows that customers who unlock their building’s energy data, at the system level, make better energy related decisions than if they were to use only monthly utility bills.

Real Time Energy Management (RTEM)

Collects live data from your Electric, Gas, Steam, Solar, Water and Wind meters.  Before RTEM, managing your building energy data was complicated and time consuming.  RTEM gives you the ability to understand your energy use minute by minute, access to data and instant notification of exssive energy use.

  • Identify duplicate running systems.

  • Change energy behavior.

  • Benchmark power use for all equipment.

  • Receive notifications when power exceeds pre-set thresholds.

  • Prevent “drift” in building performance by maintaining systems at energy benchmarks.

  • Avoid the cost of periodic energy audits that only cover a percentage of your facility.

Energy Management

Gives you the ability to understand and communicate with your building equipment. Your building superintendent  will have information that will help to reliably managed and report your equipment energy consumption.  In addition, Energy Management software will connect with your HVAC to give you the ability to do predictive analysis on your indoor climate.  Using  energy efficient concepts, heating, cooling and ventilation can be optimized in your building. The solution looks at the weather, building physics and system engineering to determine the best environment for multiple areas of your building.

Energy Intelligence Software

  • Utility Bill Management:  Streamline utility bill management to prevent expensive billing errors.

  • Facility Optimization:       Manage building requests proactively to ensure tenant satisfaction.

  • Project Tracking:              Coordinate projects to track progress on efficiency efforts.

  • Sustainability Reporting: Facilitate sustainability reporting with regulatory and industry standards

Demand Response 

Customers are incentivized financially to lower or shift their electricity use at peak times. This will help manage load and voltage profiles on the electricity network.  Provides an opportunity for consumers to play a significant role in the operation of the electric grid by reducing or shifting their electricity usage during peak periods

Solar Canopy for Residential and Commercial

  • Solar PV Array:  Can power a Townhouse

  • Rainwater Collection:  Water is collected and stored.

  • Prefabricated Structure

  • Led lighting and charging ports

  • Irrigated Planter

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