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Growing customer expectations, evolving regulations, and the increasing need to make buildings efficient, have created considerable opportunities for building owners.  The traditional ways of delivering energy are proving incompatible.





Customers are demanding streamlined energy experience, that gives them insight behind the meter to control their consumption and cost.





As a Company that uses customer engagement to match technology with the environment, we will meet the needs to build a smart energy solution that benefits our customers.

We use personalized insights that drive meaningful actions, to enhance efficient behind the meter.



2017 remains on track to be among 3 hottest years on record

Published 19 December 2017

Paris Agreement climate proposals need a boost to keep warming well below 2 °C

The setting: climate crisis. The story: clean energy on the rise..

Dalmar Energy Solutions provides smart energy and monitoring solutions  for Commercial building, Campus's and Hospitals.


We work with buildings owners to reduce cost, become more efficient and make your building smarter  

Advanced metering infrastructure is a critical step in grid modernization, laying the groundwork for driving more efficient operations at the customer endpoint."

The ability to access data, is having a significant impact on the commercial real estate industry.

Building owners have an incredible advantage to reduce cost.

Smart building are helping to aligned  the priorities of owners and managers.

The data will help to increase margins for  building operation.  This will help to have better tenant relationships and new revenue opportunities.

Smart building will deliver significant energy and cost saving with tenant comfort.

Another component of a smart building, is building a Distributed energy environment.

The rise of electricity demand on utility grids, has resulted in  major problems in metropolitan areas.

The development of smaller wind Turbines, compact Solar system (Canopies, roof tiles)and Batteries, offers all size buildings  the options of a distributed energy network.











In areas where demand for electricity is high, distributed energy  helps to  prevent service interruptions.

Distributed energy provides a much-needed restructuring for building and communities.

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